Why is video streaming faster with a VPN?

Video streaming with VPN (virtual private network) is quick and saves us lot of our time. Faster Video streaming with VPN is the need of the hour as we live in a constantly changing era of technology.  More people than ever are giving up their traditional televisions and cable for computers and portable devices for entertainment.  One of the main complaints people have about streaming videos on a computer is waiting for a video to load.  Depending on bandwidth, you could experience buffering that makes your viewing experience intolerable. In the near future having a VPN will be a need as already there a rising demand for small business  VPN services.

Many people think that having cable or DSL Internet is the fastest way to stream video (Especially people who are not aware of VPN virtual private network or   and Knowledge about Video Streaming) .  If you’re a media junkie who loves to watch TV, Movies, and YouTube clips on your computer, lagging and buffering can be a nightmare.  There is a better solution.  Streaming video with a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is one way that you can increase your streaming speed. A strong VPN may be the best and free VPN services wont be able to provide you the same experience.

There’s a simple reason why your broadband sometimes isn’t fast enough.  Every device on your network has its own IP address.  This is a series of numbers that computers use to let the Internet know that they are there.  The issue here is that it’s usually your router’s IP address that announces itself to the Internet instead of your computers.  The router itself uses only one IP address to communicate between you entire LAN and the Internet.  The router then gives each device on your LAN its own IP address to communicate with the router.  This can cause lag issues when your video is trying to stream to multiple computers on the same LAN.

Using a VPN to stream video provides encrypted tunneling between your computer and the video’s server.  It doesn’t take any extra work for you to use your VPN, and along with faster streaming speeds you’ll also get extra security.  With a VPN, the only information that anyone will ever know about you is your IP address.

Using a VPN does not replace your broadband connection.  Instead, think of it as a way to protect yourself and boost your streaming speed.  When choosing a VPN, you want to choose one that allows you to select the authentication significance size.  You will want to try to choose a smaller size as this allows for the fastest streaming.  Choosing a VPN with a low-level of lost packets will also aid in speed.

If you’re looking for the fastest way to stream your videos, a paid VPN is the way to go.  This becomes apparent if you want to stream videos in other countries.  Some countries restrict websites, which causes issues with streaming from certain sites.  Even if you are able to access these websites, they’re often slow and choppy.  Whether for business or pleasure, a Virtual Private Network will ensure fast video streaming and protect your information no matter where you are in the world.

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