Reasons to Use Cloud Storage Services Now

Cloud storage has turned out to be one of the best approaches when it comes to online storage. It offers users with versatile cost effective solutions to their every day storage requirements. The utilization, and demand for these web based applications has emerged a new kind of online storage for the Internet users.

How to Blog from any mobile in 4 little steps. – Made easy Using MXit and WordPress.

If you are a person always on the move and absolutely no time to spare in front of your Computer but you would love to blog. MXit helps you do it straight from any cellphone, you need not have a IPhone, Android or Blackberry or any other smart phone. As you know that MXit already help you […]

Skype App for iPad – Long-Awaited and Makes its way to the iTunes App Store.

  The long awaited Skype for iPad finally is available in the itunes App store. Reports say that the launch yesterday was just a mistake of programming and there were still at least some aspects of the app that its developers needed to adjust. That’s what was said on Skype’s Twitter account. The Skype release of official  ipad app […]

Top 4 Tips on How to Overcome Broadband Internet Censorship.

Being secure and anonymous online today should be a priority for you because you never know when your online activities can be used against you. The government wants to know your every move and your ISP are even probably logging your details and activity. While it is easy to ignore situations like these, it is […]