5 Apps that will Improve your Android’s Basic Functions.

There’s no denying that Android has handled most of the primary phone functions quite well, they are all efficient and serve their purpose without major glitches or problems. However, as effective as the individual functions may be, they are not giving the user too many customization options, which is something that Android has handled quite well on the overall level. This is why many people get bored with the basic, ‘vanilla’ functions and try to find something that will make them feel like they have just bought a brand new smartphone. Luckily for them, there are a number of interesting apps that are meant to do just that.

ADW. Launcher

This app enhances Android’s already impressive customization options. It allows you to organize your Home screens in a way that best suits your needs including rearranging the app drawer, apply new floating docks, or even let you regulate the number of Home screens that you have on your disposal. Generally, this app gives you all the flexibility you need with the most important part of your Android’s interface, your Home screen, which is enough to make it a must have for just about anyone.

Camera Zoom FX

Say you’ve just bought Samsung Galaxy S III or some other phone with great camera, but you are just not able to exploit its full potential due to the limited options that the default camera software offers. This app will let you make better use of those 8 megapixels by letting you add geo-tags, use image stabilization, timer or burst shooting on the phones that don’t come with those functions as well as add additional zooming options. It’s a great little app that will help you have more fun with your camera.


There are a number of great music players for Android. It is pretty difficult to say which one is the best as that mostly depends on one’s personal preferences, but most users won’t regret if they chose TuneWiki. Despite its rather simple and easy to use interface it has a number of options, like instant sharing over social networks or lyrics streaming that a lot people might find redundant, but that in no way obstruct the functionality of the app, if you don’t need these options, just don’t use them.


Instant messaging is probably one of the most used functions on most mobile phones. Of course, your Android phone comes with Google Talk, and apps for any other service of this type that you might need are available, but this app allows you to skip installing all of them individually and instead incorporates most of the relevant ones into this easy to use package. Be sure to give it a try.

K-9 Mail

While your default Android email client is rather reliable, it gives you practically no way to customize the experience. K-9 Mail addresses that issue by giving you a number of options. You can combine different inbox folders, customize the way in which every folder is displayed as well as choose your preferred colors and fonts for the interface. Basically it gives you a more personalized experience, which is one of the things that make Android great.

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